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How to deal with chocolate

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you know why there are no n!ggers here where im at ?

because people's houses are death traps here


here's a fact...
n!ggers are infact not so tough, because the bulk of their violent crimes, consists of attacking the vulnerable.

there was a n)gger inside the enterance to the old and closed up claridge casino that now serves as an entry point to the bally's, in Atlantic city, NJ.. looking for some old lady to rob, or somebody with down syndrome to rob...

when he seen me, he took off running, into the ballys casino, where much more people are.



n!ggers think they're tough... because they're the king of crime..

Here's a fact, ofcourse they're the king of crime, they're the only ones involved in the crimes.

when a white man produces a gun, whether it be a semi auto hand gun, or a full auto assault rifle...

they all back the f)uck up like chickens, and go back to picking the white man's cotton.






That's how you deal with n!ggers

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