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tea party works hard to destroy America's image

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The tea baggers 'are' America's image. And that image carries with it the racist image. It's only going to disappear when Obama's term is over and with that goes the racism back into hibernation in the woodwork where it belongs.


America has fixed it's image firmly now in the minds of the world's people. Wear it with pride!

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sambo the shoe shine boy is doing enough to destroy our image without anyone else's help. as far as the Tea Party at least they know American history and what America is all about. the liberal scum have bastardized the constitution as well as destroy our once great education system by spewing left wing lies and apologist propaganda.


Tea Party Patriots = the United States of America as founded by the great Americans who did so.


Scum bag liberals = the scum who want to tranform this once great country in to a socialist utopia that should sicken even the most moderate dems.

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The Founding Fathers not for what the Democrats have become.. big government, big social systems, and Dysfunctional policies, The Tea Party is more in line.. limited government, freedom, liberty, God, and so many other individual rights and freedoms, shall I remind you about the reasons for the original Tea Party?


The Democrats are all about federal power over individual rights. The Teas party is all about limited government and individual empowerment,


2014 you will see that America is fed up with the failures of the Democrat party.

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