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in the spirit of independence day

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Call it the patriot movement, the freedom movement, the sovereign movement or whatever you want. Demonize the movement however you want, but we are here to stay. We have the moral high ground. We represent the constitution. We represent individual freedom. We represent peace and prosperity. Our numbers are growing. We have the future generations on our side. We are infiltrating this globalist occupied government on the federal, state and local level all over the nation. We speak the truth. We know what the problems are and we have the solutions. We are not afraid of the government, the government is afraid of us. We can't stop, we won't stop until we restore the republic. We may be hated by some but loved by the masses. Patriots don't die we multiply. There is nothing the system and it's loyalists can do to de rail this movement. Freedom is popular,.freedom is sexy,and freedom is human nature. Happy 4th and death to the new world order

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The left / right paradigm is a great tool to divide the common ppl and sustain the rule of the 1%. Truth is, both sides have good points. Right wingers have a clear view of human nature, and leftists have strong sense of moral justice. If only we could combine the two...

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