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Tell me Obama supporters, how can you still support Obama?

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Obamacare continues to show how costly it is. His one year delay for large business was simply a way to stave off an ugly unemployment result. Increasing numbers of politicians are seeing the disastrous effects of this costly and inefficient monstrosity.


Bengazi debacle is a utter failure, squarely on the shoulders of Obama. His foreign policy has been so inept, it's downright dangerous.


Fast and Furious, An epic disaster than has cost the lives of Americans. No accountability from this administration. Obama is trying to bury this.


The most divisive president ever. Brings inflammatory race, class, faith, social and ideology remarks so often that it has raised tensions to the breaking point. This country is seething, the right and left are more at odds than ever before.


His comment that he wishes he was not constrained by the Constitution should scare the daylights out of any person who loves this republic.


IRS.. under his guard, the IRS has shown it is a burdensome, overtly punitive entity that singled out certain organizations at what appears to be Obama's beckoning . Another scandal he is trying to bury.


His economic stimulus plans have been overly expensive with little to show for it.


Under his watch, NASA has migrated for a leader in space to renting space on Russian missiles


Immigration issues are based on a voting block, not on the sovereignty of our country. Black unemployment has doubled since he took office, and illegal immigrant amnesty hurts those blacks whose teenage population has unemployment of 50%.


His energy policy has been a clear disaster, Solyndra, Keystone, Fracking, Oil exploration, Gas prices... are all examples of a clueless, or devious mind. Domestic energy brings jobs and energy independence. Companies like Solyndra fleeced America for incredible sums of tax dollars, all unaccountable,


Not to mention his expansion of the Patriot Act, his release of Guantanamo prisoners that found their way back to war zones to fight us, the bailouts, and expensive excursions he has taken, thinking he is a king. .


I am just naming a few. If a Republican president did this, the liberals would be justly upset, and not giving a pass to him.


I am not a Republican, they are pretty much equally deplorable at running the country. Thankfully I do not drink the kool-aid of a failed two party system.




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I am wondering how many of the 100's of millions Obama sent Morsi ended up in Morsi's offshore accounts!!


Look Para, these fucking dopey liberals are so brainwashed and up Obama's hind end,

it's useless to bring it up. All we can do is feel sorry for them!

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