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police execute max the doggie

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The dog wasn't attacking the cops. he looked well behaved and docile....he just wanted to be with his friend.

This didn't need to happen. If the dog had been white in color, I don't think it would have been shot.

similarly, if it had been a Dalmatian or a golden Lab or a collie like Lassie, they wouldn't have shot it. The dog was profiled because it was a Rottweiler. Rottweilers are mostly nice, loving puppers, it depends on how they're trained and this one wasn't misbehaving.

The emotional upset is clear on the owner's face. It was just his dog. This is heartless.



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I can tell you that the dog was not in menace mode, he was just sort of looking up at his owner with an expression like "what's going on?"


We've become too accepting of shoot first, assess later.

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