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Hungry Freaks, Daddy


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As we know, Mr America walks on by the left behinds of the Great Society, yeah... all Those hungry freaks, daddy.


The Congress is too old, There is only one Constitution that so many fail to read because it's old and most times doesn't apply to them. Yes old girl, girl you got to go away. I'm stealing good lines from Zappa's, Freak Out! released in 1966/ spooky I think you might just say.


What will you do if the people you knew, were the plastic and the chromium too? Or, Help I'm a Rock,

so you sing, Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder, real soulful like.


Yes, what if, Zappa, and maybe one Captain Beefheart, yes, Safe as Milk, took over a Sunday talk show/ like Meet The Press/yes, what would they do?


Yes, nature was once so very grand to that old band, Motherly love is what you need, forget about the brotherly, and otherly love, Motherly love is just the thing for you, you know your Mother's gonna love you till you don't know what to do! What you need is... You know it doesn't bother me at all that your only eighteen, you know.


And, could you imagine, David Gregory, asking all them questions... And you'd be wondering,

How could I be such a fool? Wowie Zowie Baby your love's a treat, Wowie Zowie Baby your loves so neat,

I don't even care if you shave your legs - Mr Senator John McCain, Boam didi, Boam didi, Boam didi,

I dream of you each Sunday Morning Senator... love me do, Wowie Zowie Baby, and I'll love you too, Wowie Zowie Baby I'll be true, I don't even care if your dad's the heat.


Yes, anyway the wind blows. Is a fine with me, it doesn't matter to me...Now my story can be told,

just how bitchin she is to me. She's not like you, she would never ever lie. Anyway the wind blows - kind of Asian like melody.


Yeah, I'm Not Satisfied, and by now,

You're probably wondering why I'm here, and so am I! Tear it up Mothers with, Trouble Every Day, Their stomping, crashing burning, there's no way to delay that trouble coming every day.


Check Check, Suzie, Suzie Cream Cheese, this is the voice of your conscious baby wondering what in the hell has gotten into you.


Just once, think of the ratings.



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