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zimm will take away your guns!!!

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so arm your selves whitey...if the mexican gets turned loose...and the darkies riot..you may get to put a couple notches in your glock too

You seem quite eager to have Americans shooting at other Americans. I won't be surprised if Zimmy gets Manslaughter,as the Defense is aiming a a "reasonable doubt" defense..BUT...it's clear Zimmy killed Martin after STALKING him "with attitude"..


If Zimmy gets off..TOATALLY...it's a throwbacki to the Old South where whites could HUNT and kill blacks with a flimsy excuse and bad witnesses and bad juries backed it up. As for guns...relative to Newtown this won't connect the same.


GUNS...the stuff being looked at...ARE in large part tied to the sort of racially tinged social Paranoia behind Zimmerman's actions. Glocks with 30-32 rd clips? $1600 for an AR 15? That's not about shooting ducks or tin cans. The people who are all Hard On about guns...are either thinking of civil war,open treason...or see soe "zombie Apocalypse that's either a class war or a race war..or both. Were there NOT a big FANTASY based on KILLING fellow Americans...none of the Gun control stuff would upset anyone.

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