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The Chilling of Science


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All the tech, don't get me wrong, David Pogue of the NY Times is great, here's a cool dish,

You know how you're going to need to know how to use a myriad of character types for each new password to protect your identity and all, you know, for each new secure type of site you want to use, use Dashlane. It's cool because it's an app you install and you can go for it free, and Dashlane remembers it, it remembers, so you don't have to.


Pogue also had a couple great PBS specials, one on material science, which rocked.


A few weeks ago when the family van went down due to a bad transmission, second time in two years, I took it back to AAMCO where I had previously put down 5 G's for a new one, luckily it was still under warranty, but because it was such a pain in the arse, I started to wonder, hey how does an automatic transmission work. And why do you need any transmission in a car?


It's a fascination that for some reason had skipped right on past the cerebral cortex all my life.


We are the living precool. No not prequel, Precool's. We are untouched by science, we don't get it. We miss the boat, the back roads behind all the enlightenment - or the history of how we got here. It all seems less than enchanting, we avoid it, call it boring, geek landia nonsense that hurts emotionally because , let's just say it, we feel so damn dumb.


Sure, genius is behind a lot of it. We simple, human, mostly kind and relatively harmless, Homo sapien sapien types, can't get there without some really good direction and motivation, and then, it's really hard to stay there, focused and all collected like a fricking super computer that never fails to fricking forget..


So, we need art to project it. Yet, art is all around. And we are too busy, so we miss the boat, it all seems like Art, same old Art, different channel. And there are a lot of those.


Call it crap. Call it what you want.


We miss the mechanical mission, the necessary transmission that interlocks different speeds with

gears. The pivot points, the pulley mechanical advantage in them thar boot hills, or simply stated, series of gears.


Ball bearings, micro particles, nano small, the pendulum, the protein, the DNA, and everything under the Sun we hope someone else might explain, in layman's terms instead spreads only this chill.

We go to the fridge, but don't understand exactly how it works. The refrigerator repair man knows how to fix it, but he can't explain it to you ---- it's magic, maybe a fan and transfer of heat, but it doesn't register. Why can't he just draw it up on the blackboard you have on your kitchen wall.


We aren't genius. We are precool's. We don't have enough folks explaining the prequel, the

Leonardo's. We are dormant, under satisfied, living in the lap of the magical, like well trained dogs.



But all of this science, it still does exist. It's true.


We waste so much time. Just as Art is real. The chilling of science my peeps is only time that is happening now. Enlightenment with real tools, wrenches in your hands, test tubes, measuring sticks, mistakes even, made by real boobs.


What is temperature, what is mass, what is steel or glass, plastic, plant, or energy?

What is ART?





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