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Is search for Snowden turning into sideshow?

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Is search for Snowden turning into sideshow?

Edward Snowden's continent-jumping, hide-and-seek game seems like the stuff of a pulp thriller — a desperate man's drama played out before a worldwide audience trying to decide if he's a hero or a villain.

But the search for the former National Security Agency contractor who spilled U.S. secrets has become something of a distracting sideshow, some say, overshadowing the important debate over the government's power to seize the phone and Internet records of millions of Americans to help in the fight against terrorism...Picture+1.jpg

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Last I heard, he was a man without a country, trapped in the Limbo of the Moscow airport entry zone.


Any change?

As far as I know there is no change - Barack Øbama is still an empty suit puppet politician who just does what he's told. So, all his "decisions" are made as though he throws darts at a dartboard, uses a Ouija board, or shakes up a magic 8ball.Picture+1.jpg

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