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Liberal Hypocrisy At It's Best W/ 6-Year-Old Transgender "Girl

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Transgender Girl Banned From Bathroom Wins Case - Yahoo!

So this case goes right along with the another thread I made about having an issue with boys being allowed to use girls facilities just because they've put on a dress and say they feel like a girl (so many ways this can be abused; how many high school guys would love to just put on a dress, say they feel like a girl, just so they can get into the girls locker room and see some t&a).

There is another reason this case bugs the sh*t out of me. It is full of blatant hypocrisy when it comes to children's points-of-view. What happens when a young child kills someone? Whether or not the child did it on purpose gets thrown out the window because in the eyes of the law the child can not fully grasp what they have done; they just don't have the understanding. However, we're supposed to believe they have a fully functioning brain when it comes to just knowing their sexuality and whether or not they have the right parts downstairs (when they don't even know what those parts are for yet?). I call bullsh*t.

If young children have no standing in a court of law when it comes to crime, they should have no standing in a court of law when it comes to their sexuality. I think the judge was probably a "liberal progressive" that does, what many liberals do, and acts according to bias while hypocrisy be d*mned.

To sum up the liberal pov here: A child is too young to grasp any law breaking they have done, so convicting them isn't right. A child of the same age has a complete understanding of their sexuality, their sex parts, and absolutely knows what gender they are and what gender they want to do it with.

Then of course they keep referring to HIM as she. HE has a penis; HE is not a she. It's that simple. HE should be required to use the bathroom/locker room that is for those with a penis. Likewise, a person with a vagina should be forced to use the facilities for those with a vagina. I don't know what it is with these so-called "progressives" in having to attack everything; including the basics of who goes to the bathroom where.

These are the same people who are against parents going through kids rooms, going through their cell phones, and basic punishments all in the name of "children's rights"; then they turn around and b*tch and moan about the parents of school shooters not being more involved in what their kid was doing.

Liberal hypocrisy baffles the sh*t out of me.
If this transgender crap becomes the norm of our nation, then I want someone to develop a potion that reverses aging so I can become a teenager again, go to high school, and put on a dress and say I feel like a girl; all so I get to shower with the actual teenage girls and get to see me some t*ts and a$$!
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I will probably live to see the total collapse of America.


why not, you are part of what brings it into collapsing. Be proud of that accomplishment. America was a social experiment anyway from the beginning. My children grew up from toddlers to adolescents during the Clinton presidency and I told them then, they would be the last generation to ever have known anything about the original Constitution.


It came true.


Genetic indiviudalism is extinct in every forum I visit. everything is about character role playing. How empty of substance symbolism has become.

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