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ten trends of the world

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1, all kinds of religions will disappear.

2, the elderly unemployed for a long time will be given up.
3, marriage and family will disappear.
4, public ownership based on democracy will appear.
5, the earth federation based on world flattening will appear.
6, power of tall males and strong males will decline greatly.
7, all letters and all soundmarks of English will be unified.
8, disorderly calendar, clock sequence and "QWERTY" keyboard will be improved.
9, purer molecular foods will replace existing rough foods.
10, most teaching activities will be done at internet schools.
1, all kinds of religions will disappear.
What is the world made up of? All living beings and inanimate objects are made up of kinds of micro particles. Mood and thoughts of everybody are made up of kinds of organics such as protein in brain. There is no alleged soul.
What is the fundamental law of movements and changes of the world? Photons synthesize proton, neutron, electron, atom, compound, plant, animal, humankind and celestial body, i.e. small substance is converged to be big substance; inversely, dead celestial bodies, people and animals are gradually broken down to be particles, i.e. big substance is diffused to be small substance. So physical and chemical dynamic balance between synthesis and decomposition of all kinds of substance is the fundamental law of all phenomena in the universe. Numerous dynamic balances interplay, which forms the whole organic universe.
The universe seems as a huge spring system made up of countless dynamic springs that connect and interplay. Every spring corresponds to one particle or one object or one person. Extension and retraction of spring respectively correspond to decomposition and synthesis of substance. Every spring constantly extends or retracts, and influences other springs's extension and retraction.
Everyone is also like one spring in the huge spring system. The extended or retractive statuses of spring respectively correspond to painful(-X) or pleased(+Y) statuses of humans. The balanced status of spring corresponds to balanced(0) status of humans. Dynamic balance between pain and pleasure is fundamental law of everybody's whole life. Synthesis and decomposition of all substance in our environment can more or less influence our pain and pleasure. Mathematics and physics of future will be able to compute human pain and pleasure.
Generally speaking, pleasure gross of most children and youths surpass their pain gross; pleasure gross of most mid adults is roughly equal to their pain gross; pleasure gross of most old people and marginalized people is less than their pain gross.
Human society is always in dynamic balance between survival and death. When the universe gives humans the environment where synthetic reactions of lives surpass decomposition reactions of lives, pleasure gross of humans surpass pain gross of humans, and property of human competitions is positive-sum, and human brains can become more and more complicated and smarter, human productivity can also move forward. Conversely, when the universe gives humans the environment where decomposition of lives surpass synthesis of lives, pain gross of humans will surpass pleasure gross and property of human competitions is negative-sum, and human lives will gradually wither and even die out. When the universe gives humans balanced environment, property of human competitions is zero-sum.
So all religions are false heresies and difference between them is falseness degree. Not nonexistent gods but powerful and metabolic environment makes everyone's fate inconstant. All questions about persons and society, i.e. all questions about philosophy and psychics can be explained and computed by mathematics and physics in future.
2, the elderly unemployed for a long time will be given up.
Human society is always in dynamic balance between survival and death so there must be a lot of deaths to balance other survivals every day. Everyone rely on one's luck and ability to compete with others for survival rights, so human society is always a cruel battlefield. Some weak youths and mid adults have been marginalized by society. They sleep out on the streets, or suicide, or commit crimes because of resisting society and their fates. Such cases have existed for thousands of years.
But current society is information society with well-developed internet, communication and traffic, so lots of wisdom and power flow at unprecedented speed all over the world. So many marginalized youths and mid adults have unprecedented power to resist and retaliate other people. They have the intensest criminal motive and the strongest criminal ability. Almost all of bombings and shootings incidents were made by youths and mid adults, so there have been more and more criminal activities and terrorist activities. It will be more and more difficult and costly for "alleged justice" to defeat "alleged evil".
Human nature of everyone is to avoid pain, seek balance and pleasure. Human nature of anyone is not good or bad but neutral. The same human nature and different situations bring up different individuals. There are not justice and evil but success and failure in the world. So those young and middle-aged criminals are not evil but failing. Or we may say at least that they are evil because of their failure. But they have potential to succeed so they can succeed if they were given more chances.
On the other hand, a large number of unemployed elderly without social value and potential value live on pensions occupying a lot of scarce social resources. So that all of youths and mid adults have been put into very tight and dangerous competitive environments. Some marginalized youths and mid adults with potential value have to commit crimes to resist society and their fate. So we should abolish the pension rights of the elderly to economize resources to help weak youths and mid adults with potential value.
Besides, the will of women to bear a child will be weaker and weaker, the problem of population aging will be more and more serious, so the pension system will go bankruptcy, youths and mid adults will refuse to feed the unemployed elderly without social value.
Everyone should work until one is near to death. The people who work until 98 years old and die at 100 years old are human models; the people who work until 65 years old and die at 100 years old are insect pests of society. All governments in the world should euthanatize all of the old people unemployed for a long time, such as two years, and take over all of their legacies. Governments should immediately stop levying pensions from workers and partly return pensions to people.
Governments should give up the pension system to strengthen unemployment insurance and medical insurance for weak youths and mid adults. The unemployment insurance system should provide basic life guarantee, basic medical insurance and vocational training for all of unemployed youths and mid adults. Maintaining 5%~10% of unemployment rate is necessary for stimulating all of the employed people. After giving up heavy pension system, we will be able to support these unemployed people. European welfare system will collapse unless its pension system will be given up.
Will the elderly facing euthanasia replace youths and mid adults to make terrorist attacks in the future? Crime motive and criminal ability of the elderly eliminated by nature laws will be far weaker than ability of youths and mid adults. So future society will be safer than it is now.
3, marriages and families will disappear, the free society based on individuals will appear.
For a long time, people marry and raise children, then the grown sons and daughters care for their retired parents. When all of old people unemployed for a long time have been given up by society in future, meaning of building up a family will be cut in half.
Marriage and family are based on mutual loves. Love is based on mutually contenting lover's needs. But human needs change constantly with time and space because everyone is in dynamic environment. And we can't always keep up with dynamic needs of our lovers. So love is easy to deteriorate, or other, love is like a kind of liquid with volatileness. Every kind of love can volatilize away from us by little and little. But we can get new loves again after old loves volatilize away, so it's easy for us to get love and lose love. Some babyish people like asking their lovers:"do you really love me?". In fact, all loves are real and difference between all kinds of loves is different shelf life or different volatileness. So marriage and family are fragile. There will be more and more extramarital loves and divorces until all of marriages and families collapse thoroughly.
Existence of family seriously hinder optimal allocation of resources. Some clever children live in bad families but some foolish children live in good families. Poorness, quarrel, fight, divorce and death of parents hinder development of children; and children's trouble can also strike lives and work of parents. In short, family is baggage of both parents and children. Giving up family will liberate both parents and children, and will improve society efficiency greatly.
So lovers will couple to be dynamic and temporary couples according to their dynamic needs. We will give up all marriages and families, and build the free society completely based on individuals. Current interpersonal relationship is just like time-consuming dinners, but future interpersonal relationship will be like brief snacks. The society without marriage and family can run as follow:
(1) Temporary couples give their babies to government. Then the parents will be not the sociological parents any longer but the biological parents of the babies. There will be not any of direct rights and obligation between parents and children.
(2) Government should tax all of employed people to establish some special places for fostering and educating children at main populated areas, and hire some professional nurses and teachers. The babies with inborn serious defects should be euthanized and all of other babies will get fitting education.
(3) All children will be adopted by government so we don't know who are our parents and who are our children in our whole life. And all of us have no obligation to support our retired parents. So that women will not volunteer giving birth to children. Government should reward all of puerperae to enable their fertility to match population need of society, i.e. government should carry out population planning through economic means.
But younger generations are both partners and competitors for older generations so government should scientifically calculate population need of society.
4, public ownership on productive assets will appear.
Since capitalist society appeared, there have been many of entrepreneurial heroes who rised from scratch to be super capitalists. And capitalist society is braced and dominated by super capitalists. But current society is information society. Lots of wisdom flow at unprecedented speed all over the world because of well-developed internet, communication and traffic. The bourgeoisie will be not able to keep long-term wisdom advantage relative to the proletariat. So there will be less and less super capitalists until they disappear. Differences among people will tend to flattening. When super capitalist disappear in future, capitalism will be abolished.
Wisdom and capital are two backbones of capitalism. All of super capitalists grow up from "wisdom creating wealth" to "wisdom and wealth creating wealth". Look at rich lists of the world in last 20 years, you'll find few differences between them; however, if we create a list of the world's smartest entrepreneurs, it will greatly change every year. So social power of many capitalists surpass their wisdom and contribution for society. The fundamental feature of public ownership of future will only be "wisdom creating wealth"---“wisdomism”. So wisdom will be the only backbone of public ownership. Governments will nationalize all of productive assets and smart managers can only temporarily manage productive assets. Such is the public ownership on productive assets.
To public ownership, many people think of failing Soviet Union and laggard China. But alleged public-ownership in Soviet Union and China is not really public ownership because Soviet Union and China have no democratic system which is the primary premise of public ownership. Only in democratic society, state-ownership equal public-ownership; otherwise, state-ownership is possibly officials-ownership and breeds serious corruption. The public ownership based on democratic system has never appeared in the world.
In public ownership society of future, national government will own all of enterprises, and all citizens and media may supervise all enterprises. Every industry will need only one large enterprise. Using USA as an example, if the USA government takes over all enterprises, all enterprises about bank, car, energy, software and so on can be merged into "USA Bank, USA Car, USA Energy, USA Software" and so on. And the USA Congress can establish an enterprise committee to lead and supervise these large enterprises. Investment experts such as Warren Buffett can become members of the enterprise committee. Kinds of local governments lead and supervise the subcompanies of these large enterprises.
All of enterprise leaders should be elected by common staffs so that we can realize democracy in enterprises. In capitalist society, most people only have the rights of electing officials of governments. Only in public ownership society, we can realize democracy in the largest range.
In current society of private ownership, even closestools in toilets are branded with trademarks, which is very disgusting. Now too many trademarks and advertisements overflow. In future society of public ownership, we will not waste lots of brain cells to memory thousands of brands and all of commodities will be branded with the name of our nation.
All large enterprises will develop and produce different products with different prices according to different people. Quality inspection institutions standing for electors regularly announce quality inspection reports on all kinds of products. So these inspection reports will be more reliable than current advertisements. We can choose to buy some products according to these inspection reports and products price. All mature products will no longer need any advertisement. Only new products still need advertisements. And only quality inspection institutions have qualification to help enterprises to make true advertisements. So all of existing advertisements will disappear. Amount of future advertisements made by quality inspection institutions will be perhaps 0.01% of amount of existing advertisements. All national enterprises will not compare unrealistically and not attack mutually. Healthy competitions within public enterprises will replace the malignant competitions among existing enterprises.
The government will no longer sell enterprise stocks to anyone so stocks trading will disappear. The public will not spend much time playing with fictitious economy but put more time to real economy. Central cities of fictitious economy such as New York, London and Hongkong will decline. Huawei corporation of China is an unlisted corporation among the world's top 500 enterprises. Shares of Huawei have been dispersedly owned by many staffs of Huawei, which is the most advanced mode in the world because such mode avoids fictitious economy and is closest to public ownership.
Everyone can only own limited residential houses. Earning profit from renting houses is nearly unearned so governments should take over all of houses for rent. All of houses for rent should be supplied by governments and profit for governments.
How to insure high efficiency of public ownership? We will always keep 5%~10% of unemployment rate to stimulate all of the employed people. 5%~10% of unemployment rate is the best catalyst of high-efficiency society. The unemployed will only have basic life guarantee. After giving up heavy pension system, we will be able to support these unemployed people.
The democratic system, developed traffic, high informatization are all necessary conditions of public ownership. So human first public ownership society based on democratic system will not appear in China but in some developed country.
5, the earth federation based on world flattening will appear.
USA weakened in the past ten years but its comprehensive power based on GDP, military, soft power, science and technology, resources, is still far more powerful than any other nation. In the past, the process of wisdom gathering to USA from other nations surpassed the process of wisdom spreading to other nations from USA. But internet invented by Americans-selves has been making wisdom spreading surpass wisdom gathering. This changeover of wisdom flow is like changeover of chemical equilibrium. So the world will inevitably move towards multi-polarization and flattening successively. EU, China, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Canada and other large countries will be more powerful. But Japan will continue declining until it has been insignificant for the world just like it was insignificant before the 19th Century. By 2050, Japan's GDP will fall out of the top 20 rather than fall to the No.4 position predicted by Goldman Sachs, and Japan will be the biggest loser in globalization, because geographical factors will be far more important than racial factors in information world. There will be not great race but great lands in future world. World politics will be closer and closer to world geography in future.
In next ten years, the main characteristic of the world politics will be intense competitions between USA and China. China is like the largest aircraft carrier of the world, USA is like the most powerful aircraft carrier and also the flagship of the world. China will gain more power, USA and Europe will go into adjustment. But it is nearly impossible for China to become the flagship of the world because China is too obese to revise direction quickly.
The biggest weakness of China is its population. China's 1.35 billion people can only have extremely crowded lives of low quality. This seriously hinders Chinese innovation ability and democracy process. It's absolutely impossible that China can accommodate 1.35 billion populations of high quality, because most people on the earth are trying to seek bigger and bigger space for working and living. Perhaps China can only accommodate 0.2~0.4 billion populations of high quality, which is near to USA and EU. If China keeps about 0.35 billion populations and eliminates 1 billion populations, competiveness of China will increase greatly.
The biggest weakness of Eu is split on language and politics so the euro zone will probably collapse for some time. Europe will experience a painful adjustment process but Europe will not tolerate USA and China to dominate the world. China's mighty rising will be catalyst for European integration, stimulating Europe to unify languages, economies and politics. European geographical position is better than USA and China because Europe is located in the center of human main residential areas. Running-in of kinds of languages and social systems of Europe will make a super language based on existing English and a super social system which will be popular in the whole Europe or even in the whole world. Euro will rise again after experiencing the process of "negation of negation" and the really unified EU will challenge leader status of USA. The process of European integration will be faster than the slow process of China's internal elimination.
But, it will be hard for us to build earth federation because common interests and sense of identity among people on the earth are very weak now. In dozens of years of future, we will experience very cruel eliminations until populations on the earth remain about 2~3 billion. Then common consensus of humans to build earth federation will appear. Computer network, mobile phone network and traffic network have been helping enhancing people's sense of identity greatly.
At last the world will use the same language, the same constitution, the same currency, the same traffic rules and the same telecommunication network so that human efficiency will improve greatly.
The above revolutions of No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5 will dismantle all of family walls, enterprise walls and national boundaries. Humans all over the world will merge to be one nation for the first time in human history. There will be more benign competitions and cooperations in future world.
6, power of tall males and strong males will decline greatly.
The heavy males (including tall males and strong males) are generally the strong now. Females and light males (short and thin males) are generally the weak now. The weak are always trying to challenge the strong, which is the main driving force of human development. But if females and light males want to become the strong, they must first understand why they are the weak of society now. The root cause is that they have no sufficient ability to defend their bodies and property.
Without such ability, females always dare not be alone in out-of-the-way places, dare not touch dirty things and dare not face burning sun and so on, in order to avoid violations from males, and to maintain their beauty to please males. So females can only live cowardly and passively like vegetables in greenhouse and never have the opportunity to make their potential give full play. Plight of light males is similar to female plight. In a word, females and light males have too many restricted zones delimited by heavy males. But heavy males can always follow their inclinations to explore and try all kinds of things. Not gene but more opportunities make heavy males smarter and more capable than others are. And property of females and light males is often plundered by some of heavy males such as rogues.
Females and light males have no strong limbs and therefore have no sufficient ability to defend their bodies and property. So limbs force is the only source of all advantages of heavy males, and sufficient self-defense ability is prerequisite for females and light males to become the strong. Females and light males should not childishly fantasy that heavy males will give up limbs violence, and that policemen and bodyguards will give them sufficient protection. They must rely on themselves and only can hope that they will be armed by powerful technological force to defeat limbs violence.
How to arm themselves? The only way is to own powerful protective suits and non-lethal light weapons. Guns help the weak to increase sense of safety and social power so the females with guns in western nations generally own more social power than the females without guns in eastern nations. But guns can't give them sufficient self-defense ability, for example, the people with guns are not able to prevent near attacks and the attacks behind their bodies, and they dare not easily use deadly guns.
Engineers should develop a kind of protective suits that can protect the whole body of the weak and develop some non-lethal light weapons. This kind of protective suits must be able to resist limbs violence, metal knife and blunt, hotness and coldness. There must be rearview mirror and night-vision device on this kind of suits. In the countries where guns are legal for the populace, this kind of suits must be also bulletproof; in other countries, it needn't be bullestproof. Wearing such suits, the weak will get protection of 360 degrees. The people wearing such suits will be like astronauts or robots. Once more they also need some non-lethal light weapons.
Is this feasible? Price of protective suits is a problem but the price will be acceptable for most people with development of science and technology. The social cost of designing, manufacturing and using such protective suits will be less than the social cost of female cosmetics and breast enhancement products etc.
Will it make inconveniences to wear such protective suits? Yes, it will. But the inconveniences from wearing protective suits will be less than female inconveniences from high-heeled shoes, long hair and sun umbrella, etc. And the weak need to wear protective suits only in dangerous environment. In order to get sufficient self-defense ability and stronger survival ability, it is worthy for the weak to endure a little of inconveniences.
Light males and mighty females will take the lead in buying and wearing such protective suits, then more and more females will follow. Once such protective suits become popular, heavy males will be not able to make limbs violence. Technology violence will replace limbs violence. But heavy males will have no advantage on technology violence. Tall or strong body shape will be no longer their survival advantage and even be their disadvantage.
People will not adore and aspire for tall and strong body shape any longer. So that all professional sports tournaments such as Football World Cup, NBA, Olympic Games will disappear. The "heavy" sports of high intensity will be substantially modified or disappear. The "light" sports of low intensity will be more popular. Food consumption of humans will substantially reduce because light sports will replace heavy sports. Humans will become more delicate, which is conducive to environment protection.
The above revolutions of No.1~No.6 will build up a new society--wisdomism society. In such society, status of wisdom will replace status of religions, pension system, families, financial capital, nationality and body shape.
7, all letters and all soundmarks of English will be unified.
English is the most popular language and it will be likely the only language in future world. But no nation has volunteered giving up its own language and completely accepting English. So existing English is not advanced enough to completely become the world language. We should simplify existing tanglesome English greatly to ease language burden of world people.
The people of every nation have special mind-set. The English-speaking people can't fully realize defects of English so they should learn advantages of other languages. Please think about my advices as follow:
(1) Unify all letters and all soundmarks of English, simplify the forms and pronunciations of all words:
Merge all equivocal soundmarks: [a:]+[∧]=[a]; [כ]+[כ:]=[o]; [ i:]+[ i ]=[ i ] ; [u:]+ = ; [ə:]+[ə]=[ə] ; [æ]+[e]=[e]; [ l ]+[ δ ]=[ l ]; [з]+[dз]=[з]; [z]+[dz]=[z]; [n]+[ŋ]=[n]; +[θ]=. So that, "[a:], [∧], [כ] ,[כ:], [ i:], [u:], [ə:], [æ], [δ], [θ], [dз], [dz], [ŋ]" will be abolished.
Let " ə, ∫, з " respectively replace the letters " c , x , y " and abolish the letter "q" because there are not the soundmarks " [c], [x], [y] and [q] ".
So that there will be respectively 6 vowel letters and 6 single vowels, 19 consonant letters and 19 single consonants. The 25 single soundmarks just match the 25 letters one on one in all words, i.e. every letter has the only pronunciation in all words. For example, "[ a ], [ e ], [ i ], [ o ], [ u ], [ ə ]" will become the pronunciations of the letters "a, e, i, o, u, ə" in all words. Twenty-five new letters will be:
a, b, ə, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, v, w, ∫, з, z.
The vowel combinations of letters "iə , eə , uə , au , ei , ai , əu , oi" respectively match the vowel combinations "[iə] , [eə] , [uə] , [au] , [ei] , [ai] , [əu] , [oi]".
Delete all silent letters in all words. Delete all consonants at the end of all closed syllables. But, we can't do all of these in one step so we should temporarily keep all of the closed syllables ended by "n" and all of monosyllabic closed syllables.
We should modify most of words according to above rules. For example, let Inli replace English, i.e. (English, Inli), the same below: (I, Ai) (you, ju) (he, hi) (she, ∫i) (we, wi) (they, lei) (my, mai) (your, jo) (his, hiz) (her, hə) (our, auə) (their, leə),
(who, hu) (what, wot) (why, wai) (where, weə) (which, wit∫) (when, wen),
(America, əmerikə) (Europe, Juərə) (China,T∫ainə) (Russia, Ra∫ə) (Canada, Kenədə) (country, kantri) (oxygen, osiзən) (sure, ∫uə) (president, prezidən) (calculate, kekjulei) (Christmas, krimə) (physics, fizi) (philosophy, filosəfi) (economy, ikonəmi) (anything, enisin) (everything, erisin) (nothing, nasin) (receive, risi) (accept, əse) (study, sdadi) (cable, keibəu) (news, njuz) ("Cable News Network--CNN", "Keibəu Njuz Newə--KNN"),
(one, wan) (two, tu) (three, sri) (four, fo) (five, faiv) (six, siks) (seven, sevən) (eight, eit) (nine, nain) (hundred, handrə) (thousand, sauzən) (million, miljən) (billion, biljən) ......
Let "jiə, mans, wik, dei" respectively replace "year, month, week, day". Then let Jiə2013 express the year 2013. Let "Mans1, Mans2, Mans3, Mans4, Mans5, Mans6, Mans7, Mans8, Mans9, Mans10, Mans11, Mans12" express 12 months of every year. Let "Wik1, Wik2, Wik3, Wik4, Wik5, Wik6, Wik7" respectively replace "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday". And let Dei1~Dei31 express the 31 days of a month. So "Saturday, 2/16/2013" can be expressed by "Wik6, Mans2 /Dei16 /Jiə2013".
We will meet some troubles when we modify monosyllabic words. For example, both "here" and "hear" can be replaced by "hiə". But we can use "liə" to replace "here" and use "hiə" to replace "hear". After all, we will be able to make all of words regular and easy.
(2) Simplify grammar greatly.
Merge "am, is, are" to be "be". Merge "was and were" to be "wə".
Let "be do sth" replace "(am, is, are) doing sth", "wə do sth" replace "was (were) doing sth", "did do sth" replace "do-ed sth", "have do sth" replace "have(has) done sth", "haden do sth" replace "had done sth", "have be do sth" replace "have(has) been doing sth". Abolish Singular Form in Third Personal of all verbs. So that all verbs in all tenses won't deform any longer.
Let "been do" replace "(am, is, are) done", "will(would) been do" replace "will(would) be done", "have(had) been do" replace "have(had) been done", "wasen do" replace "was(were) done". So that all verbs in passive voice won't deform any longer. Let "do do sth" replace "do doing sth", and "preposition + do sth" replace "preposition + doing sth". For example, let "stop do sth" replace "stop doing sth", and "thank you for help me" replace "thank you for helping me". These changes won't make logic confusion. So that all verbs will no longer deform in any case.
Let mo and məu respectively replace more and most. Let "mo adj" replace "adj-er or more adj" to express the comparative adjectives of all adjectives. And let "məu adj" replace "adj-est or most adj" to express the superlative adjectives of all adjectives. All adverbs obey the same rule. So all of adjectives and adverbs will not deform any longer.
8, disorderly calendar, clock sequence and "QWERTY" keyboard will be improved.
This part contains three little revolutions of which resultant force can match one great revolution.
(1) Let "365 days = 7 days * 4 weeks * 13 months + 1 day".
In the current disorderly calendar, the questions such as "what day is today?" and "how many days does this month have?" are not easy for us all to answer. These questions cost us many brain cells. If we carry out simple and regular calendar such as " 365 = 7 days * 4 weeks * 13 months + 1 day", lots of our brain cells can be liberated from disorderly calendar to think meaningful things. So that there will be 13 months in a year. Christians dislike the number "13". But all religions are false heresies and therefore will be given up. "13" will be accepted in future. Another way is "365 days = (7 days * 4 weeks+2 days) * 12 months + 5 days". Anyhow, we should make calendar orderly and easy.
(2) Let 6 o'clock be 0 o'clock of every day.
Average sunrise time of 365 days is around 6 o'clock. " tonight " that we call now includes 18:00~24:00 of today and 0:00~6:00 of tomorrow. In 0:00~6:00, most of us are sleeping and the sun has not rised. So current time sequence is very ridiculous. We should make 6 o'clock be 0 o'clock of every day.
(3) Let simple keyboard replace evil and disorderly "QWERTY" keyboard of computers and mobile phones. The English words starting with a consonant letter are far more than the words starting with a vowel letter. So we usually first use our left hands to input a consonant letter then use our right hand to input a vowel letter. So we should place all vowel letters at the right side of keyboard when we create a new keyboard. And we should change the positions of all letters every 10~20 years according to different operating frequency of different letters.
9, purer molecular foods will replace existing rough foods.
The history of human drinking water is from "drinking unboiled water" to "drinking impure boiled water" to "drinking pure water". In other words, water we drink become purer and purer. In the future, all of foods that we eat will be purer and purer. All of flour, rice, meats and vegetables will be put into foods factories. We will extract accurate carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamin from those rough foods. Different individuals choose and eat different combinations of molecular foods according individual body.
We will sift our daily foods more accurately before foods go into our bellies. So that we will let less harmful materials go into our bellies and will ease our digestive organs such as stomach, intestines and liver. Though molecular foods are very expensive for us now, they will be cheap and popular for us in future.
In future, everyone who can cook will be a sparetime or professional chemist. At cook house, there will be hundreds of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and fats which can be combined to be hundreds of foods of different tastes.
If we implement the No.6 revolution of above, human bones and muscles will shrink. And if we eat molecular foods as staple foods, human digestive organs such as stomach, intestines and liver will also shrink. Volume and weight of human body will reduce but human brains will be smarter.
10, most teaching activities will be done at internet schools.
All of curriculums of social science and all of theory curriculums of science and technology will be transfered to internet schools. Only experiments of science and technology can not be transfered to internet schools so existing schools will only keep laboratories in future. Harvard University will become Harvard Laboratories and Harvard Internet University. We will need at most 10% of existing teachers who will teach students on internet and in laboratories in future. All of us can download the best teaching courseware into our computers and choose the internet schools fitting for us to learn on line. So humans will really enter the era of "lifelong learning". And bandwidth of internet will be increased by dozens of times to hundreds of times to meet "internet schools, home office, internet shopping, internet meeting" in future.



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