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The IRS Scandal Is Over

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You are obviously very young Diablo or you would know that most journalists identify themselves as liberals and vote accordingly and....sorry...write or broadcast with that bent. That's why you have CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and most major daily newspapers towing the line, and why Fox makes you and other liberals so angry. The author of this thread is a Desperation Angel. Barack Obama's true belieber who didn't get his much-ballyhooed HOPE and CHANGE. The IRS story is far from over. It just gets worse every day. Ask Sen. Grassley.

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Representatives Bill Flores and Louie Gohmert, both Texas Republicans, have proposed a million dollar bounty for the recovery of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s e-mails.

They’ve filed the Identify and Recover Sent Emails Act, which, if passed, would award $500,000 to anyone with “pertinent information sufficient for prosecution” of anyone involved in the destruction of Lerner’s e-mails or a cool $1 million to anyone who can recover the e-mails outright.

How is the sizeable bounty to be funded? From the IRS budget.

In addition, the bill would mandate that all IRS employees receive not more than 80 percent of their 2014 salaries until the e-mails are recovered.

And LFs liberals keep claiming the IRS scandal is over …


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The IRS Scandal Is Over


but but but....you cons promised us hearings all summer and possibly impeachment proceedings starting?

Did you lie to us yet AGAIN?



Hide/destroy two years of emails to protect the leftist american-hating monkey in the white house and we have some 60% to 80% of americans wanting the monkey's ass! Remember, I said if your corrupt chimp keeps breaking our laws he will be impeached. If the 2014 election is even close to the 2010 mid-term election results, we will control the senate...your boy will then be put back into is marxist-american-hating box.

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its like stitches (ES) thinks getting away with corruption is a success story


why would that be ?


they had a news 4 poll in reno


7% trust the emails were lost

93% think they were lost on purpose


voter perception is everything...


hopefully enough to get rid of harry reid in november


last time he won, acorn was busted for voter fraud in reids district


the libloons blame the right for not passing "sandy hook background checks" why wont reid bring it up to a vote ?


october would be a really good time to vote on that


then even pee wee herman could beat reid in nevada

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its not costing us anything


congress gets paid whether they are golfing, hanging out in mens rooms, or asking questions


I prefer they defend our constitution and not spend any money elsewhere


lets just repeal the 16th amendment, then when oblamer says he needs $50 for a burger, he can just go buy a pack of hotdogs... with his own money


those greedy RW polititions... when arnold was governor... he refused his paycheck


why cant any power happy greedy libloons try that ?


"ask not what your country can do for you... ask what can you do for your country"


what happened to those democrats ?


oh yea... we switched, now the libloons are the racists..

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