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Stop Sharing

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In the general reality, it just strikes me that we just need one single recommendation: START OVER! This entity has not only targeted citizens that it was supposed to serve, it's allowed itself to be used as a political tool. Not only does it have access to our financial information, it will soon have access to our health information. Those are details that we don't share with people that we do trust, and we're going to be asked to share it with people who are so disconnected as to spend this amount of money while our fellow citizens are struggling mightily in the fall of 2010. I don't think training's going to fix it. I think replacement might.

Soon we will be celebrating our "independence"; but independence from what? It's up to the individual to STOP SHARING!
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Hey, guess what?


Every lifetime passing through this moment shares being part of this moment. The question is how one survives sharing the common atmosphere and everything within it.


Self reliant doesn't suggest independent. To survive feeding, something must be food. The object lesson in life is keep feeding before becoming food.


That is where adapt or become extinct rules everything here, including genders of the homo sapien species regardless the adopted social justification humanity was created to rule the world, not the planet.


What separates multiple world orders within one atmosphere?




What happens when the interpretation is forced opinion being recited or else?


Humanity sets the stages of societal evolution by only a few regulating what is said socially in each case scenario of defending a what if everything real isn't really here now all the time, but something from beyond the moment makes it happen.


Insitutiional ideologies constitutiong the value of character's rights having the right to deny being just another lifetime passing through the eternity of now where nothing stays the same the same way all the time naturally.


Only technology changes the landscape, not how it operates naturally.

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