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Has Democrat Congressman McDermott Completely lost It

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The top 16 most wanted terrorist in the world and loony Congressman McDermott says we are being insensitive displaying their images on city buses... This is the same idiot that was trying to badger the witnesses that testified before Congress over being unfairly target by the IRS. This man need to be kicked out of Congress on his ass! He's part of the NW lunatics hailing from the state of Washington. WTF! They are known terrorist!



SEATTLE — An advertising campaign in Seattle meant to lead to more arrests of suspected terrorists is being called racist by some critics.

Ad executives say the point of the campaign is ‘A Tip from the Public has the Power to Save Lives.”

The FBI rolled out this ad campaign on billboards and buses in Seattle. It shows the faces of 16 of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

But, Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott is calling on the FBI to pull the ads, calling the campaign racist.

“Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes in this world. If you’re gonna talk about terrorists then don’t just talk about people with brown skin. How many white faces were there on there?” said McDermott.

There is one Caucasian in the campaign: Omar Hammami, 29, an Alabama native.

But of the 32 people on the FBI’s Most Wanted terrorist list, only six are not of Middle Eastern origin.






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Middle Eastern origin

... is not a race.


The problem with those that scream 'racist' is that they are almost always the ones exhibiting racism.

If one doesn't know what they have until it is gone, how could they know they lost it to end with, let alone begin another way?

You make little sense, and you now have that stupid song stuck in my head.

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