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Supreme court Slappy..embarrassment

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"The cruelties of the self-loathing, self-pitying Clarence Thomas were on display again this week when
he provided the deciding vote that had the Supreme Court managing to turn the right to remain silent
against the accused, and using that silence as evidence of incrimination.

Thomas will never miss a chance to stick it to defendants. This is the justice who has no problem executing the mentally ill: he was among the three dissenters voting for such executions in Atkins v. Virginia in 2002.

This is the justice who decided that prison guards at Louisiana’s Angola state prison, kicking an inmate while he’s handcuffed and shackled, punching him in the mouth, eyes, chest and stomach while another guard held him in place, did not amount to cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment. He was in a 7-2 minority on that one, joined only by **Antonin Scalia, whose wood never travels far from Inquisition-vintage punishments. When the case was argued, even President George H.W. Bush and his deputy solicitor general at the time, John Roberts, now the chief justice, were on the inmate’s side. Not Thomas. Never Thomas."




"Perhaps Slappy's greatest crime was, after making it due to Affirmative Action,
once HE made it thru the door, he slammed it shut for those behind him."... Bartblog


**Antonin, another embarrassment, he once answered someone who asked "How do you respond to your critics?" his answer? 'bah Fungoo" with a rude gesture. That means "up your ass"



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