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Question: When did the N.S.A become so trustworthy and holy?

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No, you don't hear much about the innards of the highly secretive NSA, though you will hear about scandals in the FBI and CIA with much detail, but the NSA just really doesn't have a long or detailed list, interesting since it's on par or bigger vs. the CIA.


Sure, some NSA workers have been caught with porn, NSA helped Bush get into Iraq, it helped confuse the American public about the Tonkin incident, helped rat out those Commies in the 50s, helped out in the 60s and 70s during the civil rights era by providing info to various agencies about certain 'dangerous radicals', etc., many a "anonymous" source tip came from them for many a crime (real or set-up).


What confounds me is why people are defending the NSA. Let's pretend Obama knew nothing of this eavesdropping scandal, shouldn't we instead of defending both Obama and NSA, maybe look at the NSA? Do you think this govt entity would never ever do something bad? That other govt. agencies do have corruption, but this one doesn't?


Yes, I understand the politics of it. Conservatives defending this entity and other Govt agencies when Bush was President and Dems/Libs criticizing it as a co-conspirator and changing places once they have a Dem in place. I understand that, but let's pretend Obama knew nothing, he was busy golfing, traveling, doing work and really doesn't know what goes on in the cubicles of the NSA. Why does anyone need to defend both the NSA and Obama? Why do I need to have blind faith in something while you say blind faith is stupid?





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