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NASA needs a budget increase or no Mars...ever!

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if NASA continues to be funded at its current levels, a manned mission to Mars could be permanently beyond reach, space industry experts say.


When asked how soon astronauts could potentially set foot on Mars under NASA's current budget constraints, Thomas Young, the former executive vice president of Lockheed Martin, says the outlook is bleak.


"With the current budget, bear with me, I would probably say never," Young said during a meeting of the U.S. House of Representative's space subcommittee today (June 19).






there is only ONE hope for any kind of US economy in say 50 years and thats in space.

if we don't invest in that now...we lose, period!


the private sector cannot possibly fund the raw science that is necessary to operate successfully in space...this data is accomplished ONE WAY.....ol fashioned American ingenuity.


but to solve problems you have to find them first...and thats why we must to go to mars!!

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Take the 500 billion we lay out "every single year" ( like clockwork ) for welfare, social services, medical care, education, and the incarceration of illegal aliens; and give the money to NASA

and what do you think the odds of that are?


its this sort of bickering that provides the landscape for failure

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If we dont give cash now, we can never go to Mars? That smacks a bit of, we have to pass healthcare reform to know what's in it.

no...if funding levels remain where they are without an increase...they will never be able to afford it

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