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republicans are doing a great job

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republicans are doing a great job of lying to their supporters:

about obama's citizenship, his religion, about scandals which

republicans created in benghazi, the irs, the attorney general's



about obama's accomplishments after republicans' expressed

intentions and filibusters to make him and the USA fail,


about "conserving" wealth for only the rich,

about "conserving" tax rates of one third what workers pay,

about "conserving" tax loopholes so the rich can write off everything,

about "conserving" tax evasion for the rich to hide their income in

the cayman islands.


about keeping the fraudulent bush and republicans' wars going

so they can steal trillions of dollars for the rich, and about trying

to start two more long, protracted phony wars in syria and iran.


about republicans moving US factories to communist china,

about republicans giving away trade secrets,

about bringing in illegals to undercut American workers' wages.


about republicans conserving welfare subsidies for oil and large

landowner billionaires.


republicans are the scum of the earth, they are azzhole sonsofbitches,

and anyone supporting them who is not a multi-millionaire is one dumb,

stupid, mutha fugger.

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