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United States of Misogyny- GOP War on Women

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republicans have to pick on women and the poor, the sick and the elderly

because they are all chickenshits like bush, the coward and deserter during a war

and dick head cheney who tortured people, stole trillions of dollars from working

men and women and gave it to the rich.


And obama and the democrats have pretty much kicked their worthless

republican and phony christian candy azzes back into the last century.


what else have republicans got?

Do you really, really think repukicons are going to have one tax rate schedule for both

the rich and the middle class workers or return American manufacturing back to the USA?????


Grow a fugging brain.

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The GOP denies it is hatin on womens rights.

What I find going on in societal evolution's chain of command operating top down, bottom up, leaders pulling and fellowships pushing, philosophy nudging from the left wing and reverse psychology blocking escape from the other side of one track reciting of a species self orchestrating order within a naturally balancing moment that makes everything as individual total sums of specific ancestry each generation of another ancestor within this specific atmosphere, in this specific solar system, in this specific galaxy, in this specific moment all the time randomly.s it is self orchestrated within recited collective thought where only those in a capitol position have anything to say everyone else must obey without question from family, neighborhood, community of collective thought in each category being separate opinions of the same event.


Academia, politics, spirituality, all trying to capitalize off economic uncertainty created by moral hyperbole, ethical hypothetical, and legal precedence in civil and criminal laws that rule citizens of adopted ideology.


Alphabets vs DNA vs genetic continuation vs molecular migration. Where did it all begin to continue operating the same way all the time universally this instant everywhere all the time?


Those whom hate natural balance because they cannot rule eternity's details forever have a distinct methodology in their vernacular speech patterns. It is self evident whether they are an ideologue, disciple educating the ideal means, hired stooge, or silent majority just trying to fit somewhere in humanity's orchestrated chaos set to prevent any body from understanding what real is in plain sight.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely comes from one methodology of governance, educate the idea nobody can know what is physically absolute and protect it with the notion humanity is the salvation of life in the homo sapien species through the value of words mean everything believed and those not accepting reality as completely true are anti social and evil.


this concewptual agreement saves humanity every generation of another ancestor passing through this atmosphere. No win scenario, perfected within every society set of keeping ancestry in the dark ages of genetic continuation from knowing truth of what humanity is becoming and real ancestry left behind accepting a social narrative betweeen cradle and grave as each ancestor passes through this atmosphere as spec ifically conceived and lived/lives their sole existence here on this planet designed to become metaphysical multiple world orders of orchestrated chaos in a sympnony of syllables in multiple tongues of subjectivity having one objective relatively.

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