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The Job/ or Jobless Grind

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The Job/ or Jobless Grind

Started by TheOldBarn, Yesterday, 09:29 PM

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#1 icon_share.pngTheOldBarn
Posted Yesterday, 09:29 PM


All these young people strapped with debt as they graduate from college (it's called University to the upper class). Well, there isn't enough jobs for all, or even most of them, at least not the kinds of jobs they might have hoped to get. Where's the job (?) should be a big time populist slogan that brings folks together but it don't.


If you're lucky, you learn not only how to study and work hard, but also you get some good luck like a decent job where you learn some type of real worldly type of skill that can be transitional.

Get re-educated, for what? In my fifties working consistently all my life with a 4 year college degree to boot (lucky me), I find that I have had a lot of good breaks or luck. I've also found that some of the different jobs I've had in my career (or the transition from one job different then the next) were similar in the sense that you need to be adaptable and willing to learn new skills, even when you stay with the same company for a number of years. I've got 3 different corps that I've worked for where I spent more than 7 years, and a few that only lasted a couple.

I was a manager, a technician, a lab worker, and a project manager, as well as server in a restaurant ... and a few other odd things.

My mainstay is biology and chemistry but I also do dabble in marketing - actually that's my primary hitch nowadays. Our health system is a fractured one - big time. I can say that with clarity.

I can also say that I worry about our lack of manufacturing and our trade policies. But what I can't say is that people on the whole have a fear of transitioning into new careers. What new careers should be the question. If there are new ones, what do they require? Tell us all, please do.


The problem isn't entitlements - what's to come, how do we pay for the soon to come baby boomers; nope, this is only a symptom of what is right under our collective nose. People are really quite smart, they can be trained to do incredible things, in fact they do get bored doing the same repetitive thing over and over again. The fact is we have a structural job issue that is centered on short-sided trade policies and an ever widening gap between the rich and poor. The truth is I always want to work, to the end. I want to contribute. People do like to contribute, earn their keep if you like.


No really, they do. Our schools harp on teaching to the test, teaching math, science, language only a bit, arts not much at all, unless you're rich.


See I've worked for a living ever since I was 18 and I know, creativity in any job or discipline, is key.


We need to discuss this job issue as a country and it should be part of the Global discussion as well.






Well keep voting in those Bilderberg parties all the time and then wonder why the economy and the future is so bleak.


$#!t-loads of videos online about their agenda but dummy America can't seem to figure it out....


....and the world laughs as America suffers.....


John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

I mean America is not in the North American Union and Americans are not in the FEMA Camps, so we have had some victories.
Now what we needs is an economic education infusion....
END THE FED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The American Dream Film-Full Length

The Money Masters.


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