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obama deploys troops to syrian border. no hope, less change

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A task force of 300 US Marines has been deployed on the Syrian border after President Obama approved a move to arm rebels fighting to end the regime of Bashar al-Assad.



A Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was also moved to the area, north of Al-Mafraq in northern Jordan, as the West prepares to send in weaponry and armaments to the rebels.


The troop movements have taken place under cover of a military training exercise being held this week, but will remain in place for months, according to White House sources.


The troops and equipment are intended to increase stability in the region rather than to train rebel fighters or launch operations inside Syria, US officials said.


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obama has said many times we are not at war with a religion, islam. did he not ever study history? in the ME its always about religion. now he is helping the muslim brotherhood in their religious war.

I say get the hell out of all of the ME and let them fight it out, then deal with whats left standing.

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The US should let the countries in the region handle this. We wouldn't want Syria interfering in our issues with Mexico.

like cindy sheehan or whoever that imbecile was

Yeah the Mother of a soldier who was killed in another of these useless middle east operations.

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