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How Does Øbama Appoint All Those Regulatory Tsars?

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When you have the Athiestic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry on your side, you can do just about anything you want.


The Unholy Alliance


There is an Unholy Alliance that is a cancer in America.


There is a question as to whether the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry is the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party or the Democratic Party is the political wing of the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry.


The Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry makes big money from pornography, and the Democrats make sure the pornography is legal. The Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry makes political contributions to the Democrats to make sure the pornography stays legal. News is not a profitable industry so the pornography is used to fund the news activities.


When compared to perfection, Republicans did not look good, but when compared to democrats, Republicans look brilliant. Without the propaganda support of the Atheistic Liberal News Media the democrats would look ridiculous.

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What the hell is this thread even about except some photoshop stuff and some silly rants?

Since you seem unable to glean from the photographic satire, the meaning, I'll help you out: Barack Øbama is an empty suit puppet politician who just does what he's told. So, all his "decisions" are made as though he throws darts at a dartboard, uses a Ouija board, or shakes up a magic 8ball.



Oh yeah - I forgot the obvious...

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yeah, and which is worse which is more furin

Being ruled, being the ruler of false measurements that are standards followed without question. Those questioning are traitors and blasphemies. Subject in being questioned, authority of humanity's societal evolution.


Religion, politics, economics, or academia.


The enemy of my enemies makes sure nobody knows who's who ancestrally just part of one species passing through a single focal point eternally in one atmosphere. one solar system, one galaxy, one universal moment here now.


Central governance is Academia, not religion or politics building a symbolism over substance reality off of mind over matter hyperbole teaching life and lifetimes come from beyond this instant constantly now to each individual existence pass through the moment.


Temporal or temporarily.

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