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Blood Transfusion - under 18 ?

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a 17 year old in Australia, refused a blood transfusion in new south wales..


he has a blood cancer, that is threatening his life, he threatened to pull the IV out...




I'll tell you what, at 17, I would not only have ripped the IV out, I would have cracked the doctors f)ucking head wide open !


I didnt even get my last 3 standard school vaccinations, because I beat the sh!t out of the nurses.


I was never checked for hernias either...


One time, I when I was 16, I busted my way out of an ambulance, I think I was in shock when I was stung by a hornet, I don't give a f)uck, I just told the paramedics, you let me out now, or you get hurt, I punched her in her face, and busted the door open, and went back into my house.


I was always the kind of a guy that does whatever I want.


and if I had cancer and I wanted to die, I'll f)ucking kill the doctor, if means I can die !



Its a contributing factor as to why I am just now acquiring job skills, at age 26

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