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How to fix America

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1.Forcibly put an embargo on imported luxury goods, and shut down domestic American companies that make products that are geared towards people who make more than $100,000 a year.

2. Shut down Monsanto, BASF, dow chemicals, and DuPont, and outlaw ALL genetic modifications of any living organism.

3. Tax those who earn $ 50,000 a year or less, at 0%

Tax those who earn between $50,000.01 or more at 10 %

Tax those who earn $ 100,000 or more, at 35 %

Tax those who earn $ 200,000 or more, at 40 %

Tax those who earn a million or more, at 50 %

Tax those who are multi millionaires or greater, at 80 %

and regulate the prices, so that the consumers dont end up paying the taxes !


also, tax ANYONE'S inheritances, at 100 %


4. Make all public transportation, absolutely free to use, tax paid !

5. Force businesses with more than 300 employees, to put up "now hiring" signs, force them to HIRE EVERY SINGLE APPLICANT, and force ths businesses to pay them $ 20 an hour or more.



6. Force our professional sports teams, to pay their players $ 50,000 a year or less, and hollywood to pay their actors and musicians and staff etc, $ 50,000 a year or less,


and force those such people, to work other jobs besides sports or entertainment, IF they want to keep their sports or entertainment jobs !



Thats what will get the economy going.

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