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After Much Anguishing Barry Will Support...The Islamofascists!

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This week, after much hand wringing at the thugocracy, Wangdoodle Barry has finally decided to take sides in Syria's almost three-year-long civil war.


Barry put his skinny foot down and declared that Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, had used chemical weapons against the headchoppers trying to topple his regime.


According to Barry's calculations, al-Assad crossed a Red Line. Apparently, the tens of thousands of Syrian dead in this war, prior to the alleged use of chemical weapons, didn't cross any line--red or pick-your-color.


But what a surpise, Whangdoodle Barry deciding to arm the Islamofascists. Or "the rebels" as the propagandists in the leftist media like to say.


Let's be honest. Barry thinks he can prop up and aid another extremist Moose Limb regime in the Middle East, right next door to one of his mortal enemies: Israel.


Let's hope the Russians and the Chinese, not to mention Iran, checkmate Whangdoodle before he further perverts the balance in the Arab world.

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