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New Requirements for Muslim Appeasements

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Being in a comical mood, I better write these down soon before I forget them.

New Requirements for Muslim Appeasements

Footwashing Basins
- OK, but they have to be big enough to hold at least one lobster.

Prayer Rugs
- OK, but they cannot be sprayed for fleas.

Prayer Rooms
- OK, but they must have walls covered with pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Paul Sperry, Pamela Gellar, and Michael Savage.

Muslim Cabbies Refusing Patrons With Alcohol Beverages
- OK, but they must spend one week working in a brewery or an Irish bar.

Muslim Cabbies Refusing Patrons With Dogs
- OK, but they must spend one week working in a dog kennel (cleaning cages).

Muslims Bosses Not Allowing Pork Products
- OK, but they must spend one week cleaning up pig stys.

Muslims Blocking Aisles In Airplanes (to pray)
- OK, but they cant be reimbursed for laundry bills for their clothes with footprints all over them.

Muslims Blocking Traffic in City Streets (to pray)
- OK, but no complaints when the street water-washer truck goes by.

Muslim Protestors of Coffee Cart Playing Christmas Carols
- OK, but they must allow 10 foot wide nativity scenes on their front lawns.

Muslims Suing Employers Over Headscarfs
- OK, but they must wear baseball caps with a picture of Porky Pig on them, when not working.

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