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The CIA's New Deputy Director ...

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The CIA’s deputy director plans to resign and will be replaced by White House lawyer and agency outsider Avril D. Haines, Director John O. Brennan said Wednesday.

Now why would the CIA need a LAWYER as it's deputy director?

A lawyer who comes straight from Obama's White House Counsel office?

Anyone stop to think that what we are seeing now is what you get with a government filled with lawyers?

Remember lawyers are the ONLY profession where how to be unethical and how to lie … IS TAUGHT.

You get A's for doing it well.

And what do we know about Haines?

Other than she's a woman.

She was nominated to be Legal Advisor of the State Department.

They need legal help too.

Lots of it.

But now they aren't going to get it.

The CIA will.

They need it too.

Haines got her job in the WhiteHouse Counsel's office, when Robert Bauer was it's head.

Remember, Bauer is the lawyer who sought to punish TV media outlets that played ads linking Obama and communist/terrorist/friend Bill Ayers.

Bauer is the lawyer who has defended the President in all those lawsuits attempting to expose his REAL past.

Bauer is the lawyer now thought by some to be the architect of the IRS targeting of conservatives.

And Bauers gave Haines her job in the Obama Whitehouse

He must have seen something he liked in her.

I hate to say it, but could he have seen a willingness to be unethical and dishonest?

Like him?


One thing is for sure.

She's a Democrat who gave money to Obama (http://www.campaignmoney.com/political/contributions/avril-haines.asp?cycle=12 ) in both 2008 and 2012.

You can almost bet she's a leftist.

And how can be putting another leftist high in the CIA be a good thing?

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Now why would the CIA need a LAWYER as it's deputy director?



we know where your dumb con ass is residing

we know what you are up to

we are crafting laws right now - this minute - to make what you are up to illegal]


we gonna get your dumb con ass

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