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Swiss banks aid American tax evaders

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If I was the government of switzerland, I would tell the Americans this....



1. This is Switzerland, not the USA, we are not accountable to US law

2. We are not part of the EU, and we are not accountable to EU law


3. Your officials are not officials here in Switzerland, they are officials in the USA, not here.


4. Your police, are only police, in the USA, not here, they have NO police powers here in Switzerland, they are just another average joe, here in Switzerland.


5. It is the job of the USA to find, arrest, and help convict American criminals.


6. If American criminals are in Switzerland, you WILL follow swiss extradition laws, not Americans extradition laws.


7. Our government, is the government of switzerland, we will not ask how high, when the Americans say jump, we have a process and you will abide by that process when dealing with switzerland.


8. Any US officials, i.e. Politicians, police, military personnel, acting as Politicians, Police officers or military personnel within the borders of switzerland, WILL be arrested, charged, tried and convicted of impersonation.



now f)uck off !



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I for one believe those who have offshore bank accounts are only doing this because they live in a post era 1929 Market Crash, they don't want to lose money so they trust offshore accounts more vs. American banks/investments; this can be justified by the post 9-11 mentality also, because we must lose our freedoms and liberties and lots of tax monies because of some terrorist we created; we also learned never to trust anyone who is an aggressor during the post Pearl Harbor era, except China who points missles at us and has subs off our coast but they're just training anyway and like the Post Vietnam Era, we learned never to fight a war in Asia via executive order with some misunderstanding on why we are fighting; just like the Post Madoff era were we found the SEC are liars and agents of fraud...


I have a confession..... I used the post era blah-blah excuse because I've been hearing on the radio and media about the post 9-11 era on how it justifies all these intrustions. I joined the bandwagon, my bad.




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