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EPA - Bee decline blamed on phones ? LOL !

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The EPA blamed the bee decline on "electro magnetic waves produced by cell phone towers"


This is complete bullsh!t, we had cell phones since the 1980s, in prominent use since the 1990s, 20 years worth of cell phone use...



Thousands of years of technology,


NOTHING, butt kiss, nada, zip effect on the wildlife, as long as it wasnt used as a weapon to kill them with !


of all the extinct animals there are, they all went extinct, as a result of direct KILLERS ! not innovation !



The problem is this monsanto sh!t, with their Genetically Modified Crops, thereby taking the jobs away from bees, and their pesticides that kill bees...



I wrote a letter to the EPA, telling them this..


"Well excuse me, but f)uck you, Im a human, not a monkey, and I have a job, and a life, and business to conduct, and I have a family, and friends, and I gotta use the f)ucking phone, ya know ???" "quit sucking monsanto's d!ck, and shut those bee killers down !!!"


in an E mail to them.

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