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republicans trashing the Constitution, Where is John Wayne?

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Why in hell does every one of you mentalists think fictional character roles are more significant than real lifetimes? Because they establish symbolism over substance and make believe real doesn't exist in plain sight to make denial a virtue and understanding self evident a sin.


Inside out, upside down.


Put away your childish ways or what you do next will destroy everything you wished could come true. But then again, you don't care unless someone else has an equal chance to better your standardization of make believe.


then off comes the metaphoric gloves and anything is fair in love and war. Now why love and war and not love and hate. Hate is just social justification to get even with those that rejected your devoted ideology. Destroy all evidence that leads back to what real is in plain sight.


ruthless and dishonest to say anything positive about that methodology of the few making the majority feel guilty for enjoying the moment as it exists naturally.




There was a spaghetti western Called "MY name is nobody" with Henry Fonda and Terance Hill with a plot line in the theme out with the old and in with the new law and order. that is where I got most of my idea to use cyberspace as a means to work the magic of understanding real.


Out of sight, out of mind.

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