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Great Debate on Electronic Surveillance - Both sides make good points

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No question. Utterly without integrity, on this issue ... albeit, I think I know the fear: scale it back and then have a major terrorist event, and the president will be BBQ'd far more than he will be for merely changing his tune, and sacrificing some integrity. It's about politics and not making us safer, which we are and always have been, 9/11 notwithstanding. Today, death by terrorist, as a cause of death, is slightly less likely than a midget in a clown suit beating you to death with a flute made of straw. And it's always been that way, yet we give into the fear with such ease, it's stupid.


Hell; death while walking is a greater risk to our safety, by orders of magnitude (car-pedestrian deaths, on average). Anyone afraid to walk on a sidewalk in a quite suburb? You should be. It's a 100 fold risk, or more, compared to a terrorist attack, including the highly anomalistic 9/11 attacks.

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