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What's the difference between Manning and Snowden?

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It's called consistency. It's okay though, I understand your confusion.

Liberals don't understand the concept.


Let me know if you need it explained to you.

I get it and I'll leave you homos to it

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I get it and I'll leave you homos to it

this little technique you're trying to use is stale and dumb. so if people who mock and speak against f@gs are "homos" in your mind.

i guess that means that people who mock and speak against conservatives and conservatism are "closet conservatives"? i guess by your own

logic...YOU are a closet conservative. that's cool, hon. come on out of the closet and join the tea party.

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They both are men of good conscience who were moved to shine a light called truth in dark and hidden places.


I find it hilarious the fools who CONdemn them! Lol!


Oh and no illegal or traitorous acts were committed, for the record.

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RUSH: Let me try to explain something, ladies and gentlemen. You look at all that we've learned about our intelligence gathering, not only our ability in this country, but how it's actually happening. And Snerdley asked me if I thought this guy, Snowden, should go to jail and I mentioned I'm conflicted. And here's why. See, it boils down or comes down again, in my mind, to who's doing it. Because a person's ideology matters.

Do I want somebody in charge of this kind of surveillance who doesn't like this country as it's founded? Do I want somebody collecting this kind of data on everybody who is in the middle of trying to transform this country into something the founders never intended it to be? On the other side of this is you would hope that our country and our intelligence agencies are able to determine planned attacks against this country and citizens against this country and uncover those in enough time to thwart them. In that sense, you want this kind of ability. And, by the way, the ability exists. This genie's not gonna go back in the bottle.

So in my mind, it does matter who's in charge of it. It does matter. The political identity of the people who administer something like this matters incredibly. You look at the focus on how the leak happened and the motives of the leaker, if you focus on that, I think you missed the main question. The main question is, why is such a gigantic surveillance operation even necessary? What is really going on here? Who is the enemy? The Tea Party, we know, is an enemy of this administration.

We know that conservative Republicans -- and I could give you names -- are enemies of this administration. We know that this administration has people in it who consider conservative Republicans to pose a greater threat to them than Islamic jihadists. So in deciding how you think or how you feel or what you think about this, I don't know how you take that out. The government's not just this thing sitting there that people run. There are certain kinds of people running it.

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They are either both heroes or traitors.


I choose heroes.


Edward Snowden did something worthwhile and broke the law at the same time.


Bradley Manning is a vindictive fag who released classified information for no reason other than he was angry at the US Army.

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i dont know a lot about all this but it sounds like the wikileaks guy stole a bunch of random sh it and then gave it to a blogger for some kind of revenge...had there been a specific intent for what he did, he would have found a smoking gun, stole only that and then released it...


the other guy seemed to present evidence of one specific concern...


if my observations are accurate...i would have to say that the first person was doing what he did for sh its and giggles...for spite and revenge...kinda like your ex wife fu cking all your friends,


the later seemed concerned about a particular behavior of his government... he obtained evidence of the crime and expose it...


both men should be hailed as heros and both should swing from the gallows...


william wallace died for his convictions...and he is a hero...if the courts let these guys go...then our national security is completely destroyed

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BAC-I don't read crap from Ruch Limbaugh.


What a shame.


You miss so much wisdom, as a result.


And hang on every word from Maddow?



Both traitors, Snowden could have blown the whistle without releasing any classified documents.




Could he?


Even the existence of PRISM was classified.


And isn't whistleblowing from exposing criminality?


What, here, is actually criminal ... given current law?


If there was any criminality, it was by General Clapper who testified UNDER OATH that Americans were not being spied on like this, and yet knew they were.

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Both of these assholes need to be strung up by their balls. They only heros in their own minds. Has anyone ever noticed that in every single picture of Bradley Manning he is smiling like some god damn halfwitt? He's enjoying all of his noteriety. And as for Snowden, if he thinks he was so right about what he did why did he run like a little pussy? Why did he not stay and answer for his so called "act of heroism"?


Both of these punks deserve to die.

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