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The great data watch didn't stop the Boston Marathon bombing

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Yea, it makes you wonder what they are doing with this data. Some Congressman claimed that collecting this data had stopped a terrorist attack in the past, but of course he couldn't talk about it because it's classified... But we had this successful attack that wasn't caught by the metadata dumps or the PRISM intrusion into computers & phones... hell, these people had been interviewed by the FBI, warned about by the Russians, and when they had pictures of them blowing up Americans, they STILL had to ask the public for help identifying them.


How incompetent ARE these people, anyway?

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All of this blanket, generic data collection on citizens hasn't prevented any known attack. It doesn't matter if you are left or right. Tell them to stop it now.


Or be a wimp.

BINGO...Obama's data-watch is meant to stop his political competition, because his message was born to fail.

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