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republicans & tea baggers allow illegals to defraud Americans

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See below.....

The "fair tax" is only "fair" for the rich.

It screws the middle class and the poor because sales taxes are regressive.

A flat tax also screws the middle class and the poor because it is just pocket change

to a rich person but taxes are make or break to a poor or middle class worker.


Since 2000 and the bush tax cuts for the rich, the poor and middle class have

had their taxes raised.


Since the 1950s, income and wealth for the rich and corporate executives has

gone up exponentially while income of the poor and middle class has gone down

by half.


It must be nice to be rich and be able to bribe congressmen and presidents

to "conserve" the wealth of the rich and to screw workers.


Workers are morons that do not stick together and demand higher wages and

force everyone to pay according to the same tax rate schedules with no loopholes

and with prosecution of all criminals like romney who evade taxes like al capone

and hide their wealth in the cayman islands.


The rich are nothing but satan's helpers, liars, thieves, deceivers, criminals,

and fornicators of the poor.

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