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1. Common Journey, 2. Chosen Path, 3.Shared Sense?

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1. Conception to birth doesn't have physical exceptions genetically and every lifetime of inception or conception that was produced within this atmosphere is a product of simple compounding of contracting results expanding the details of inorganic and organic combinations presented to being part of this space during the time this solar system was part of this galaxy, and part of this universal moment.


2. Picking something to believe in after birth. Was your option an option or a directed way to interpret what reality could become rather than see what real has always been subjected to by those with objectives to make the world population feel inferior to their intellect.


3. Instincts come with conception, vocabulary is added after birth. Words are a means that has only two meanings, Obey the law or be cast out of humanity's societal evolution where character matters and genders are worth less without a social justification in believing now isn't physical Eternity.


The true face of tyranny by any franchise of humanity's societal evolution.


If it isn't broke, don't fix it, when it becomes out of control ride the wave of self destruction from the leading edge of the rising wave, not be on the dropping side of the curl.


Tunnel vision is lateral to the motion of thinking forward. Action and reaction of two coexisting actions of natural balance. It is about two separate things reacting to the same situation. Surfing is a lifetime living in life within the atmosphere. The wave is adapt or become extinct applied to each lifetime equally moving in one direction creating a perpendicular path to survive being crushed by the wave after cresting going between deep water and coming ashore.


It takes diagonal thinking to place oneself into that tunnel of spiraling water.


Contracting forces expanding the details without cancelling each other out. Now increase the simplicity of a surfer and a wave to 118 contracting molecular elements forming what exists within that tunnel of universal flows. This planet is a surfing natural balance position to self containment because beyond this atmosphere there only exists a single charge sea of pparticulates not magnetized particles/atoms become molecules making up periodic table of elements creating shapes and sizes of things here as they exist, NOW eternally never the same details twice all the time.


Bet most of you still will not want to put real separate from ity being hypothetical, hypothesis, and hyperbole. Church, state, economics, the power, wealth, and fame ddefinitive to rank has it privileges in staging reality making ancestry's ancestors the fooled agains each generation of another ancestor in this atmosphere.


Denial is a 24 business to manage from 4 corners of accepted excuses to deny what is really going on in any alphabet creating rational thinking saving humanity's greater good intentions of making sure nobody knows what real is in plain sight.


Reality is at critical mass of imploding, that takes out ruling elites first. Sure you want to save humanity that badly? The meek shall inherit the Earth smart-asses thinking intellect is superior knowledge over instincts and alphabets are greater symbolism than periodic tables are substance.


Outwitted yourselves/ruling eliteists. Can you inverse the path of self extinction? I just told you how over the last 6 years of nobody listening.


Honesty about what is real must take the leading role over loyalty of what if in any social justification time changes details in space of being presently here.


But let no good deed go unpunished and ignored because it upset the mentally superior intellect by some halfwit instinctive savage.

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