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We Needs To Have Green Thumbs

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Controlling a central bank is like imagining a large lake or river held back by a dam, the central banker lets only enough water dribble past the dam to ensure the plants have enough water to grow, but not too much otherwise there would be a flood.


But the dam has become weakened and there are tiny fissures and leaks and the dam itself was built on the backs of workers long ago. Like the Great Wall, or the Hoover Dam.


Energy rules. It pollutes, all the petrochemicals cause lung ailments and cancers, pollute the rivers, lakes and air, and up it goes, then falls down into the oceans, little by little.


One central bank in a small country is not equal to one in a large one, completely different dichotomy

even in a global economy no one really needs to be told.


There are brazen acts of terror perpetrated by brazen terrorist from all ilks all over, and nuclear weapons a lot of them too.


There are a lot of really talented smart people, and a lot of crazy ones as well, in every country, not just in the U.S. this is true.



We animals breath in a mixture of mostly nitrogen and oxygen and out comes CO2 - the plants like that CO2 and produce oxygen.


It would be OK to live in a nice hut in peace somewhere if possible. Put on plays and practice fine arts to amuse one and all - wouldn't that be nice? I mean dressing down all the time, feeling less puratan

than some do about sex and nature. Live and let live, you know...


I know what you're thinking... Where the heck is this guy going with all this, freegan or what?

Kind of... like an elixir perhaps, nonsensical, or something like what Chris Rock described as the cure for everything, yeah that's right Robitussin.



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