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Our Homosexual President

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A Family History Provides More Evidence That Lincoln Was Gay

Sylvia Rhue, Ph.D. | Nov 26, 2012

Over 16,000 books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president. Many of these books either allude to or specifically report on Lincoln's ambiguous relationships with men. Lincoln lived with and shared a bed with Joshua Speed for four years, and they remained friends years after they no longer lived together. He also had a close relationship with Captain David Derickson, who would stay with Lincoln overnight at the Soldier's Home (a retreat from the White House) when Lincoln's wife Mary left town. There were reports of Captain Derickson wearing Lincoln's nightshirt, and Lincoln has been quoted as saying, with a "twinkle" in his eye, "The captain and I are getting quite thick."


Many historians are quick to say that men shared beds due to a bed shortage and that surely Lincoln, the savior of the Union, could not have been gay. The studied impulse to make Lincoln absolutely heterosexual reflects a discernible societal discomfort with the complexities of human sexuality and sexual orientation, as well as deeply embedded streaks of homophobia.





I'm not surprised one bit. Just one more reason I laugh at our 16th president.


Can a mod change the title to Our First Homosexual President

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A Family History Provides More Evidence That Lincoln Was Gay

But in the mean time...on a TV she bought at Walmart, (where George Zimmerman once worked) Sarah Palin simultaneously watched Fox News about global warming caused by Israel and the effect it has on the peace loving Palestinian people, while she read a article on gun control (and day dreamed about what has a greater impact...same sex marriage or the war on women) as she ate a Chick-Fil-A sandwich... washing it down with a 64 oz Coke, that she bought at a Koch Brothers franchise, right next to the Catholic Church (where the local Tea party meets) which was built where a old growth forest use to be that the Indians used for burying their dead and as a center for redistributing the wealth of the deceased until White Christian European males (who Mitt Romney is a direct descendant of) came and stole their land and planted it with genetically altered crops, than polluted it and never paid enough taxes on it because they were rich and took advantage of the Bush tax cuts.

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