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time to chill

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Time to chill=I'm drunk again. :P

you are my favorite poster...those big titties, soft lips.....shit..thats your wife..

i love you anyways..hey bro...we all got our crosses to bear...jesus's miracle was turning water into wine...im askin him to turn the wine into water...just aint happened yet...accept me for who i am or not...after this...it is your hang up

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You probably shouldn't be making those decisions in an impaired state... post a pick we'll give you a objective opinion. :)

the thing is, I have been cleaning my closet all night and I try on all these tops and it's like im old! why do I have these tops that are all cleavagey? ya know?


and as far as hte pic goes, I did that once. lol.

RLF has the pic

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