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Liberals promoting the slaughtering of our forests! oh the hypocri

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Obamas Christmas Tree Tax comes through the back door



A 15-cent tax will be imposed on the purchase of every fresh-cut Christmas tree under provisions of the Farm Bill wending its way through Congress, the Heritage Foundation reports.


The Christmas Tree Tax was originally proposed by the Obama administrations Department of Agriculture two years to collect 15 cents for every Christmas tree produced or imported into the United States, with the proceeds financing a Christmas Tree Promotion Board basically federally financed advertising agency for the fresh-cut Christmas tree business.


The rule was proposed in the federal register Nov. 8, 2011. By Nov. 17, the Department of Agriculture had backed down in the face of opposition led by Heritage.


Now, the tax is back as part of the voluminous Farm Bill an every-five-years exercise in pork-barrel politics lawmakers of both parties use to look after home-state interests.


OK. You might think nothing says Christmas like a fresh-cut Douglas fir shining with tinsel and balls. You might think the smell of pine in the house is as important as the aroma of turkey.


You might think an artificial Christmas tree is like kissing your sister.


But a tax is a tax. And even if its going to be imposed on the producers and importers instead of being collected directly by the guy in the mall parking lot, the bottom line is youre going to end up paying for someone elses business subsidy.


Figures that the only thing Obama would like about Christmas is a tax on its trees.


HT: Drudge


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