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Lib Media's New Suppressive Tactic

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For years, the Left's propaganda wing--the liberal media--has employed two methods for protecting favorite politicians like Whandoodle Barry.


First is censorship by omission. Any scandalous story that threathens a committed, hardcore lib like Barry is simply ignored.


The second method depends on the expansion of the scandal. If it cannot be completely ignored, the drunkards and drug addicts in the left wing media will present the story as a Republican mudslinging operation with no credibility.


More recently, a third tactic has emerged from the libs at CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, the New York Times, etc.


If a liberal administration, like Barry's thugocracy, is awash in scandals, media libs now greatly publicize unknown scandals or situations.


When the heat is turned up on Whandoodle Barry and his criminals, the leftist media fussily report for days on people and situations nobody previously knew or cared about.


And these so-called journalists keep awarding themselves trophies for honesty!

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Whine. Bitch. Moan.


Evil leftist media.


Typical con.


Ma'am, I know the truth hurts but you must deal with it. Liberal media creeps have lied to you for so long, your brain (or what's left of it) has obviously suffered.


Wake up, ma'am, it's later than you think.

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