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Immigration Bill = 1945 US Surrender to Japan

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If the USA had surrendered to Japan in World War II, that would be the equivalent of the immigration bill that deranged members of the US Congress are getting ready to vote in favor of. The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens in America are Mexican, and its no accident that they are here. They are here with the full blessing (and guidance) of the Mexican government.

The Mexican government has been waging an imperialist war upon the US for decades now. Not one in the classical sense with guns and bombs, but rather with Mexican people invading the US, and taking away our wealth via remittances$$$$ and the anchor baby racket. The remittances alone (to Mexico) have been in the neighborhood of $25 Billion/year, while the anchor baby racket allows the American taxpayer to be duped into paying Mexico's poverty bill for her.

So now, US Congressmen want to make this invasion official, and allow the 12 million or so illegal aliens to receive a path to citizenship (amnesty), as if the protective immigration laws that our ancestors passed were meaningless. Trouble is, those laws are even more meaningful now than they were decades ago when they were passed.

These irresponsible members of Congress, doing nothing but sucking up to Hispanics for their votes, are willing to allow the destruction of the USA to occur, just to preserve their jobs and perks. And how stupid can Americans be to allow this to happen ? Just for starters, how dumb can anyone be to not see that most of our unemployment problem is being caused by illegal immigration ? With upwards of 8 million illegal aliens working, they are displacing more than half of America's unemployed. Get rid of these 8 million employed invaders, and we instantly make 8 million jobs available to our unemployed folks.

If we go further and get rid of all the legal immigrants being given work visas, we could eliminate about ALL of our unemployment. We could also strengthen our economy greatly by plugging up the constant lo$$ of remittance $$$ flowing out of the country, and have those dollars remain in the US being spent here, in AMERICAN stores (AKA the American economy).


By deporting every illegal alien (and their anchor babies), we could save tens of Billion$$ more, currently being drained away to the anchor baby racket, wherin we lose Billion$$ in human services payouts, as immigrants consume more welfare $$$ than native-born Americans are doing.

This crazy, political-based bill will also open the floodgates (and it appears it already is) for massive new influxes of aliens from Mexico, worsening the unemployment of Americans, as well as a worsening of many other things - pollution, crime, traffic congestion, scarcity of resources, wage reduction, tax $$ loss, inability to pay for entitlements, cultural erosion, overcrowding in hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, government offices/services.

And all you White kids coming out of high school and college. Be prepared to go further back to the end of a longer line to get a job, if this insane bill passes, as the numbers of brown-skinned people eligible for affirmative action, flocking into the country, will further lessen your chances to get a job (if you even have any as it is now).


Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children | Center for Immigration Studies

Jobs Americans Won?t Do? A Detailed Look at Immigrant Employment by Occupation | Center for Immigration Studies

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