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Real Estate license can't be revoked

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I was told that my real estate license would be revoked, because of my quote "bigotry" and "unwillingness" to sell to "minorities"...

(by some moron online, that don't know this area, and don't even know that I don't have a license yet)




1. Only 15 % of the population of Fayetteville, Arkansas is black, so the number of sales of ANYTHING to blacks is 85 % less


2. The Democrat Gazette, sounds just like George Bush's daily journal, or a rush limbaugh episode


3. The courts here are conservative, this is a horrible place to be arrested, a horrible place to get fined, a horrible place to be a plaintiff in a civil rights case.




so if you think, that my real estate license is going to be pulled, because the n)!ggers need to go back to africa, you have another thing comming...


bring me to court, do it, try it.



You can only take me to court, in the state where my license is issued.




f)uck you !

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