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Democrat Faces 1st Recall in Colorado History By Angry Voters

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MORSE: may be the first legislator in Colorado history to be recalled.

By Calvin Thompson | Colorado Watchdog

While recall efforts against other legislators have failed, the first recall vote in Colorado history could lead to the replacement of the Senate majority leader.

Senate President John Morse, a Democrat from the historically conservative District 11, spearheaded gun control laws passed this session, which provoked a campaign to recall him from office. Activists with the Basic Freedom Defense Fund have collected twice the signatures needed for a recall vote.

Activists submitted more than 16,000 recall signatures, when they only needed 7,200, according to Channel 9 News,. The signatures still must be verified, a process expected to take a few days.

While Morse won his 2006 Senate election by a wide margin, his 2010 race was a lot tighter. Morse won that election with 13,866 votes — a margin of 340 — over his Republican rival Owen Hill in a three-person race, meaning more people signed the recall petition against Morse than voted for him in the general election.

That might not bode well for him in a recall vote.

Morse has about two weeks to contest the signatures, which he plans to do.

“Thousands of those signatures were obtained inappropriately,” Morse told 9 News. “Now, will we be able to prove that? We’ll have 15 days to figure that out. That’s going to be tricky.”


IT’S THE LAW: Hickenlooper signs gun-control laws March 20 at his office in the state Capitol.

The odds stack against Morse if he plans to rely on the illegitimacy of the petition signatures. Almost 9,000 could be invalid and the recall vote would continue.

Though there has never been a recall vote in Colorado to date, the rules are pretty straightforward: the secretary of state will verify them, and Democrats can challenge the remaining signatures, which could be a lengthy process in the courts.


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