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Italy Car Manufacture: Kiss my bippie America!!!

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Ahh, a foreign owned corporation refuses to do the federal governments wishes. Well there is profit to consider, not your American families who get burned to crispy critters in a crash. Understandable. lol!


DETROIT (AP) - A defiant Chrysler is refusing to recall about 2.7 million Jeeps the government says are at risk of a fuel tank fire in a rear-end collision.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent Chrysler a letter asking that the company voluntarily recall Jeep Grand Cherokees from 1993 through 2004 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 through 2007.


Chrysler Group LLC, which is majority-owned by Italy's Fiat SpA, said in a statement Tuesday that the Jeeps are safe and it "does not intend to recall the vehicles."


Such a refusal by an auto company is rare. NHTSA can order a recall but needs a court order to enforce it.

"Our data shows that these vehicles may contain a defect that presents an unreasonable risk to safety," Strickland said.

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Another judgmental dumbfuck expert opinion.


First, ALL vehicles "are at risk" of just about everything; roll-over, fire, flat tire, broken glass, EVERYTHING. No car on earth isn't without risk.

To make the statement is patently stupid and puts any statement after that in question.


Second, the boogeyman PROFIT, waved like a caution flag, is yet another ridiculous thing to say. Profits are what a business is supposed to make. You've heard of success haven't you?


Third, implying foreign majority stakeholders don't care to follow vague statements merely puts them at a par with domestic majority stakeholders. Vague "risk" is hard to measure, therefore hard to fix.


Fourth, who the fuck is Strickland?


FAGGOT THREAD. Too vague, I don't blame them for refusing and it is not that rare.

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