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Another Teaparty Governor Crashes And Burns

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Not only is Rick Snyder one of the most unpopular governors in the country, but he is trailing his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer, 42%-38%.


According to PPP, Gov. Snyder continues to be one of the most unpopular governors in the country. His disapproval rating (52%) is 12 points higher than his approval rating (40%). Snyder’s approval rating with Independents is just 40%, and his disapproval is 51%.


Snyder’s biggest problem is that Democrats disapprove of him more (78%) than Republicans approve of him (68%). Snyder is still being hurt by the right to work legislation that he rammed through.


By a margin of 50%-40% those surveyed oppose right to work.


The Republicans in the state legislature also have a 59% unfavorable rating, and respondents supported raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour by a margin of 49%-43%.


For the last six months, the polling in Michigan has been consistent. Rick Snyder’s disapproval ratings are high, and voters are angry about the right to work legislation.


Before the 2010 election Snyder led with Independents 58%-18%. Today he trails Mark Schauer with Independents 39%-37%. The governor has see his Democratic support dip from 17% to 10%, and his Republican support drop from 82% to 75%.


The unpopularity of the governor and his fellow Republicans in the state legislature could be setting up a potential Michigan Democratic wave in 2014. Governorships in Michigan and Pennsylvania fell into Republican hands because Democrats did not show up in large enough numbers in 2010.

Rick Scott in Florida looks like a dead man walking.


Tom Corbett is right behind him in Pennsylvania.


Things aren’t quite that bad for Rick Snyder yet, but he is in serious trouble. Snyder won by 19 points in 2010. He trails by four points today. A 23 point negative swing is a sign of a governor who the voters are ready to throw out of office.


Snyder’s term has been a disaster for the state of Michigan. From emergency managers to gutting public education to right to work, Snyder has pursued a right wing agenda that goes against the wishes of the majority in the state.


If Michigan’s Democrats come out to vote on Election Day, Rick Snyder will be one unemployed nerd.

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Lol so long bagger fuhks..


Yeah going the way of Occupy Wall Streeters. At least a few of the Tea Partiers actually won elections and the movement was important enough for the IRS to stand in their way.

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Not only is Rick Snyder one of the most unpopular governors in the country, but he is trailing his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer, 42%-38%.


Trouble is, Repub reformers generally then go on to win as the economy improves from their tax cuts and other policies and after the supposed "disaster" that Democrats predict never materializes.



How many times have you moonbats predicted they'll lose only to be proven wrong? :D

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@ skews 13


Snyder did not push the right to work laws, the state legislators did. Have you ever taken a 'government class' in school or did you sleep through it. BTW, Snyder never ran as a 'tea party' candidate!

When you run promising to veto a bill, and it lands on your desk, you veto it.

Or did you ever take an honesty class?

Btw, these same libs in this thread who are so pissed at Snyder would have nothing to say if Obama signed right to work laws.

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