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i r s scandal, what are the damages ?

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""he had lost a $30,000 grant and thousands of his own money""

this is just one of the plaintiffs


Linchpins of Liberty Founder: IRS Asked For Names of Children We Mentor


Kevin Kookogey, the founder and president of Linchpins of Liberty, said the IRS asked his group to submit the names of the young people his group mentors to the agency to get tax-exempt status.

He said the IRS asked him to identify the "political affiliation of mentors and identify issues" they were teaching. He said the IRS also asked for the names of "those whom I train" and "what I am teaching students."


Kookogey said his organization aims to "mentor high school and college students in conservative political philosophy." He said since a mission of his organization is "mentoring young people," the parents of the students were rightfully outraged upon hearing of those requests.

"Can you imagine the reactions of the parents?" Kakoogey asked.


He expressed that he was fearful that parents could potentially sue him for revealing the names of their kids or the parents could themselves be audited. But he noted that his failure to comply would result in his application being denied or subject him to perjury.


He said even though his organization does not have "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in its name, the group shares the ideas held by similar organizations of "jealously guarding ordered liberty." He implied that is why his group has been targeted for over two years. He acknowledged he had lost a $30,000 grant and thousands of his own money.

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The IRS could get sued for billions of dollars and loose and it wouldn't matter...it's not their money.


And after all...they were doing King Obamas bidding...ultraliberals admire them for that !


Lol this non scandal is going nowhere.


That's because the ultraliberal agenda driven media won't let the first Black President fail...no matter what he does ! Barack Obama could get caught getting a car date from a minor White House intern and the ultraliberals would blame the REPUBs...saying he was set up and forced into it. And in their minds they would really believe it !

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Lol this non scandal is going nowhere.


IRS chief counsel William Wilkins is one of only two political appointments at the IRS, he previously “defended pro-bono Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Chuch against charges from the IRS that it was abusing its tax-exempt status.”





Democrats Unable To Produce A Single Liberal Targeted By IRS For Congressional Hearing…




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