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Leftist Obama Can't Wait To Sign UN Domestic Gun Treaty. Sign Me U

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Candidate Obama told us I am not anti-gun and I will not take your guns. President Obama joined with the leftist lunatic Diane Feinstein in an attempt to ban some 200 guns along with certain magazines.


Leftist broke-azz California just passed a series of laws that would totally undermine (and ration) the purchase of ammo in that state.


And what do the lefties and their media tell us? Hey, guys, we aren't anti-gun...we loves the 2nd amendment...you can trust us with your 2nd amendment rights...just don't get in our way.


Now we have Obama tripping over himself to sign the UN Treaty on arms regulations, which we are told will stem "only" the illicit trade of conventional weapons (small arms) like the wonderful Obama-Holder Fast and Furious Program did...what a gem, huh?


Obama and his beloved leftist world organization(UN) says the treaty will require all countries to establish and enforce regulations to control the illicit trade of small arms in and out of each country WITHOUT disturbing the domestic use of arms within a country. Anyone who believes this sh*t needs a straight jacket and an lobotomy. There is NO f--king way to create laws in this country to stop so-called illicit small arms trade without screwing over the 2nd amendment and/or attacking basic gun rights. The first thing that will happen will be the re-introduction of the Diane Feinstein gun ban...many of the guns on that list are the kind of guns involved in the world trade.


Obama and his leftist whores will use the UN Treaty as the perfect gimmick to attack our gun rights. The treaty would be their dream come true for systematically shutting down our gun rights.





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Calling all my brown and black brothers at the UN! I signed it...we is now signature to yo arms confiscation treaty. Now, if I can get the corrupt Harry Reid in de senate to pass it we can start disarming the american people.




The Messiah

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So...where are all the lefties who defended Obama as a man not interested in banning guns or undermining our 2nd amendment rights. He just signed our 2nd amendment rights away to the UN. Now let's see if his democrat controlled senate obey the Messiah and ratify the one-world gun treaty.

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