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3yr old deaf boy's name sign looks too much like a gun

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I think it's an example of a 100th-monkey syndrome.




Every interest / professional /working group ends up following what the rest are doing. This zero-tolerance thing in schools went round the bend a long time ago and has only been getting worse. But I hear some are starting to wake up and question it, thank God.

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I've got a some sign language for those idiot school officials and any fool hardy libby who agrees with 'em!



Libby!? Where I live, we're deep into zero tolerance, and the administrators are mostly conservative.

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School officials are making a 3yr old boy deaf change the way he signs his name because its look too much like a gun. WHAT???? We need to start stringing up these school officials.



I'm sure the local SWAT Team is at the ready.

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