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Bob Dornan - The Fly In The Liberal Ointment

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During a pay raise discussion, Dornan stood up and said: "Don't you think you all ought to try to earn the money your already getting paid first, before you ask for more."

is he still alive?


Dornan was a laughing stock 20 years ago. Nothing has changed.

He used to regularly get his assed kicked on CROSSFIRE.

Whatever salves your ass; but he was still telling the truth.

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  • Dornan made headlines in March 1985 for a confrontation with Representative Thomas Downey (D-NY) on the House floor. Downey asked Dornan about comments he had made calling Downey "a draft-dodging wimp." According to Downey, Dornan, grabbing him by collar and tie, said, "It's good you're being protected by the sergeant-at-arms. If I saw you outside, it would be a different story" and threatened him "with some form of bodily harm." Dornan claimed he was merely straightening Downey's tie and refused to apologize for the incident or the derogatory comment. A Dornan aide said, "It will be a cold day in hell before he gets an apology from Bob Dornan."[

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