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Medicare now projected to last till 2033. say thank you obama.

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"The trustees reported no such gains in the finances of Social Security, but no significant deterioration, either. The Social Security trust funds will have enough cash to pay full retirement and disability benefits until 2033, the report said."


“To me, that’s the real loss of all this good news,” said Paul B. Ginsburg, president of the Washington-based Center for Studying Health System Change. “I don’t think anyone except the most extreme person, seeing these trends, thinks the [Medicare] cost problem has been solved. But the way politicians are, it does tend to take the pressure off.”



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That's assuming any doctors will still accept it. Last I read roughly 34% of physicians quit accepting Medicare patients and increasing....


If by strengthening you mean he cut payments to providers you'd have a point. :lol::lol:

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